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Let our CPR-certified sitters watch your little one(s) while you work.

Bizzy Bodies Playroom

BizLounge provides a uniquely flexible child care option for parents with children, these include hourly and monthly options. Our caring and experienced sitters provide a safe environment and encourage creativity and independence through child-led play. Our caregivers introduce age-appropriate activities including story time, games and sing-along.


All children in our care will receive individual attention and compassionate care to ensure their time at BizLounge will be fun and safe.

It should be noted that our playroom does not serve as a daycare, and as such would require parents to be within the BizLounge facility at all times to attend to their child's needs. 

Playroom Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an age limit?

No, all ages are welcome. We have both a nursery and playroom, the nursery is an option for younger children to play and rest.


How much does it cost?

​Child care starts as low as $2 for one hour and goes up to $75 for an entire month.

What can my child bring to the playroom?

​Your child is more than welcome to bring his/her toy(s), blanket and snack when they visit the playroom. Please note it would be best to write your child's name on the toy if possible and while we encourage you to bring any item that will comfort your child during their time at the Bizzy Bodies Playroom, we are not responsible for missing or damaged items.

If my child were to stay at BizLounge all day, is there a set schedule of activities?

​Yes, we do have a daily schedule that includes story, snack and craft time.

How often does the BizLounge staff sanitize the toys?

​Toys, including individual blocks, are cleaned twice a day and as needed.

How often does the BizLounge staff clean the playroom restroom?

Restrooms are cleaned twice a day and as needed.

Will the BizLounge staff feed my child?

Yes, we’re happy to feed your child the food you provide for them.

Does BizLounge staff change my child's diaper?

If a diaper or clothes change is needed, one of our sitters will retrieve you from your work area or office so that you may tend to your child's needs.


What is your disciplinary policy?

It’s very important that a child’s development is nurtured through care, patience and understanding. While caring for your child, we may have to respond to your child’s behavior. Hitting, spitting, hostile behavior and other behavior that will cause harm to another child is not permitted. These behaviors are responded to with reiterating rules, using positive language to explain desired behavior and redirection to another activity. If a child doesn’t respond to redirection, our last resort would be a time-out chair. This would be for no longer than one minute per year of your child’s age.  

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