Corporate Sponsored Membership

We offer special benefits for our corporate partners as well as affordable work space and on-site child care for their employees.

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Co-working at dek

Ask your employer if they cover shared workspace.

You Don't Have to Work from Home

While the home office can be great every once in a while, working in your pajamas and all alone is overrated and spending dawn until dusk inside without human interaction can be maddening for anyone. Change up your routine and work in a place that inspires you!  

Working at BizLounge has many advantages and there is a good chance your employer will cover all or part of the cost of your membership. Talk to your HR department today.  If you have any questions, email Akiko Veil at  


What are the employer benefits?

Save Money with our On-site Child Care

  • Working at BizLounge can save your employees with children, (literally) thousands of dollars a year by using our on-site child care instead paying for daycare or hiring a nanny. 

Say Goodbye to Facility Rentals

  • Housing six employees in an office that's approximately 2,000 sq. ft. could cost up to $3,000/month. However, at BizLounge  you're only responsible for the fees associated with the work space your employee occupies.

Quick and Easy Set-up

  • At BizLounge, your employees just need their laptop and they're ready to work!

Free Amenities 

  • Reduce the cost of utilities such as water, electricity, internet and best of all we provide the coffee and kitchen supplies.

Flexibility and Scalability 

  • A monthly membership allows employers to upgrade or downgrade plans at any time; if your business expands or downsizes, you can add or remove space as needed.

We strive for the best.

At BizLounge we pride ourselves in being registered and listed as a professional supplier for some of the most prestigious companies.


BizLounge is certified as a Women & Minority-owned Business by the State of Florida. Most recently, we’ve joined Google’s Small Business Supplier Diversity Program, as well as CVS’s and FedEx’s supplier databases. These databases let the company’s employees know they’re able to utilize our services.

Note: H&K Kids, LLC is the legal business name for BizLounge; please search as such in the mentioned databases.


For Employers, Become a Partner

Work with us. We're adding to our team.

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